Icelandic Connection 
ISSN: 1920 423X
Icelandic Connection is a quarterly magazine celebrating the cultural heritage of people of Icelandic descent in North America. Formerly named The Icelandic Canadian, the literary magazine has been in continuous publication since 1942.
Management and Board of Editors
Icelandic Connection:
•    Editor-in-chief – Lorna Tergesen
•    Treasurer - Rick Loftson
•    Assistant Managers – Valdine Bjornsson
•    Advertising - Allison Holm
Editorial Board:
•    Wendy Johnson
•    Elin Thordarson
•    Stefan Jonasson
•    Valerie Hoshizaki-Nordin
•    Avery Simundsson
•    Elva Simundsson
•    Heida Simundsson
Regional Editors:
•    Darryl Gudmundson (Saskatchewan)
•    Rob Olason (Seattle)

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